Daydream Festival 2019 in Barcelona? For Sure!

Daydream Festival 2018 Barcelona, Spain

What is Daydream festival?

Daydream Festival is an International music festival, focused on EDM music, House, Techhouse and Techno music. Festival is from Belgium (Like Tomorrowland .. hm.. interesting.. ) and it had already 9th (successful they said) editions. It was 30th and 31th of March (the date was another problem but about that later..) both days from 12p.m. to 6p.m. The capacity was 25 000 people per day. The festival was at Circuit de Catalunya Montmeló and it was one of the biggest music festivals of EDM in Spain.

It was first time, what Daydream festival was here in Spain and they have a Licence for another 7 years, so probably the festival will be here in year 2019 in Barcelona again.

But will be the Daydream festival 2019 in Barcelona for sure?

The Main Stage, full of great artists, lights and fireworks
Daydream Festival 2018 Main Stage – capacity and sound for around 10 000 people


There was a 4 stages there – The Gift Stage, Reboot, Main Stage and Deeps. Gift was the smallest one (for about 200 people), where was a hardstyle and crazy music. Reboot – this was a favourite one for Barcelona people – Techno stage. It was for about 2000 people and it was full all the time :D. Playing for the Deeps was stage in the end of area, there was House music and it was for about 1000 people. It was situated really great with a cool music, but not much people was there.

The last one and main thing of the festival was Main Dream Stage – and the place in a front of stage for maybe 10 000 people.

What can I say about stages? Everywhere was a really great organization, sound was massive (especially Main Dream Stage – MASSIVE SOUND!) Lights during the night was crazy, lasers everywhere etc. People was really happy and the party was insane (especially Reboot – Techno Stage :D) No just kidding the Main Dream Stage was the best. Every stage had a super loud Line Array system.

The Gift Stage was super small and it’s a problem to find a photo of this stage.

DJs and Time Table

Idea of the more than one stage (Barcelona Beach Festival shame on you!) is awesome, especially if you have more than one genre of music on your festival. Here is full time table of the festival.

TimeTable of Daydream Festival 2018 - On Saturday was a problem with weather, so there played only a few DJs
TimeTable of Daydream Festival 2018 – On Saturday was a problem with weather, so there played only a few DJs

If the image is not visible for you, here are some names of the festival: R3hab, Jauz, Nicky Romero, Steve Angello, Martin Garix, Lucas & Steve, Lost Frequencies, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, W&W, Martin Solveig, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Loco Dice, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Dubfire, Joris Voorn, Andrea Oliva and more great DJs.

Most likely, if will be Daydream Festival 2019 in Barcelona, these DJs will be there too, with some small changes (Yes I want to see Swedish House Mafia there) but you can expect the same names like in year 2018.

Organization of this EDM festival

The Festival was organized on a Circuit de Catalunya, so there was everything, what organizers needed. There was enough toilets there, big area for 25 000 people, nice environment. Everything was nice and clearly marked like where the stages are, toilets, shops, Daydream merch and more.

Also there was a very well organize FREE parking, what is big plus!

Photo of Tokens Shop with a few people
Tokens shops everywhere, no queues, friendly staff

Next thing was money. You had to buy a tokens for your money (Like at Tomorrowland…). 1 TOKEN = 2 EUROS. One vodka with juice = 6 Tokens (12 Euros) Shops for tokens was everywhere, clearly visible for everyone, next to every stage. Bars was situated next to tokens shop at each stage. You didn’t have to wait in a long queues, everywhere was a lot of space and a lot of staff. Everything looked like at Tomorrowland, except of number of stages and amount of people. Also a food shops was there with a delicious dishes like sushi, pizza, hamburgers, paella and more.


There was a 1 day or 2 days pass tickets. 2 days pass was for 70€ which is normal price (good price) in the 2018 year, but yes, the festival was here for the first time. Also there was a camping area which cost around extra 15€. The prices for Daydream Festival 2019 will be more less similarly.


This was a big problem of this big festival. It was here for the very first time, and they chose 30th and 31th March, at Montmeló. What I want to say?
There was a Fc&@!*g cold there during the night! Oh god.. Okay, during the day was nice weather – on Friday. Friday night was freaking cold there, so next time hope will be better, or I will bring with me a Arctic Jacket and you can help me to build my igloo there.

Next day the bad situation.. for the bad weather conditions especially for strong wind, they closed the festival for the first 6 hours, and canceled some big DJ names. People was angry and nobody knows, what is going to happening. After 21:00 they will open a festival again, and the party went on.

Note about wheather: During the day was 20°C, during the night was 10°C.

Daydream Festival 2019 Barcelona, Spain

The Daydream festival in Barcelona 2018 was here for the very firs time, and it was really successfully. Except of weather from from Friday night, Saturday day & night (wind and cold). Stages was full of people, especially Techno – Reboot stage for Barcelona Techno people. The Daydream festival will be here in 2019 for sure. This was 9th edition of festival like in Mexico, China, Belgium, Netherland and more. The festival is from Belgium, and everything looked like at Tomorrowland.. Interesting.

And what’s your experience about this festival? Leave a comment below.

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