Year 2019

NachtSicht With Tommy Vega, Sudpol, Lucern, Switzerland. October, 2019

This was #nachtsicht with The Dark Side of Tommy, @suedpolluzern Thanks to everybody for amazing time! 🇨🇭 Hope, I’ll be back soon 🙂 Sound system, people, atmosphere.. just perfect 👌 @nelletechhouse, @iamdstrct7 ❤️🙏 It was epic.

Motivated from Lucern gig

When I am behind the mix
all my problems are gone.
In that moment it’s only you and music. Doesn’t matter if it’s in your bedroom, club or house party. For that few hours you do not have to think about any of your problems. Time stops, you are free and you can finally enjoy the moment. With music you love. With people at the same level as you are. It’s a little magic.

Album announcement February 2020

27.10.2019. - Another song from upcoming album (Mid February 2020) is almost finished! Last edits and its ready to go! I am super excited about sound of new album!! 🎶 Track ID: Tommy Vega - Paradise (unreleased) Melodic House & Techno

Aircraft photo and black cat

05.11.2019 – Remember, like it was yesterday. Because of black cute cat what we met on our way to take some photos with aircraft’s, we missed picture with Airbus A380-800 just about 2 minutes! (We stayed with cat 5min 😢) But she was so cute, that first we wanted to take her with us 😁

And guess what.. there wasn’t any other A380-800 aircraft planning to land for next 8 hours 😂 at the Barcelona Airport .. but if you want the same photo and maybe meet the cat – here:

Silent Fckn Disco in Barcelona

TBT my 2 hour set with Silent Fucking Disco in Barcelona. It was real magic, place: Bunkers Carmel. Emotive set with best people around with best view what you can see in Barcelona.

How to get to Bunkers el Carmel? Here:
And totally without problems by bus.

Decided, I am going to produce TECHNO!

1.11.2019 - I made a decision. Every aspect of my journey wants to show me, the right way for me is to produce Techno music. So, let's go! #MelodicTechno.

The Dark Side of Tommy is OUT NOW!

13.09.2019 - OUT NOW! The Dark Side of Tommy EP. Listen / Download by click to the image.

Workout Playlist Updated!

03.11.2019 - My workout playlist for you and also for me (I’m not doing workout, just listening music 😀 ) is updated with the best electronic music for workout and also with my music!

18.09.2019 – I know lot of you have a problem to find a great techno playlist on the Apple Music. So, here it is, including my latest tracks! – go to Apple Music
– search for “Techno 2019” or “Tommy Vega” – find this cover :)) – or here is the link to Apple Music:

Real Techno tracks there 😉 and regularly updated. Soon on All platforms.

The Dark Side of Tommy EP

10.09.2019 - Thursday, and it’s here! Months of hard work on this EP and you can listen it in less than 30hours! And It’s not out yet, and one of these tracks has 30+ Shazams 😛 Pre-Save link still in BIO. .

Music production TIP 5

06.09.2019 - Tip N.5 - Mixing is not mysterious judo. Go ahead and mix. Make bad mixes. Eventually, you’ll make good mixes. Is not possible from the beginning to pay someone for all of your mixes. Try. Make bad ... try again.. again and again! Once, you will learn.

Music production TIP 4

30.08.2019 - Tip n.4 - The final production is what matters, not how it’s made. It’s like - if it sounds good, it is good. No matter what. And sometimes, music doesn’t needs to be perfect. Anyway, the people say, what is good and what isn't.

Music production TIP 3

16.08.2019 - Tip 3 - Well, the technical side is also important.. but more important than emotions or energy? Think about it…

Music production TIP 2

07.08.2019 - Tip 2 - Frequency response!

You will be only that good how good is your monitoring.. and of course that bad how bad your monitoring is. Invest. What monitors / headphones do you have?

Production TIP 1

01.08.2019 - TIP: 1 - Trust your taste

I found these music production tips early today, so I want to share them with you guys, I know a lot of you are music producers, so if I can help, I will at least a little.