Silent Disco in Barcelona

Silent Disco Barcelona. Never tried it? You definitely should!

The Silent Disco. New concept of partying is not a right name, because this was here many years ago. But is it really that great? From the title you know, that it is a Silent party, but how? Of course on wireless headphones. Read more about this cool and modern kind of partying – The Silent Disco Barcelona!

Silent Disco in Barcelona, Bunkers
You can do it everywhere and whenever – Party at Bunkers, Barcelona. The Silent Disco came to Barcelona. Try it, and you will be suprised.

History of Silent Partying

As you know, the headphone disco now existing. But when all this started? In the early 1990s this concept was used by eco-activists. The outdoor concert with headphones, to minimize noise in the local wildlife. The true is, this Silent Party is still in the beginnings. Firs idea was a watching a football match in 1994 in the late evening hours on the big screen. The screen was linked with FM Radio station, and for sound people used their own portable radio.


People dancing and listening band with headphones. Silent Disco Barcelona
The silent concert. Many people enjoying the music, not the noise of 20kW sound system.

But the real first “Silent Concert” was in May 2000 in Cardiff, where the BBC Live Music held the concert, where the crowd listened the band Rocketgoldstar and various DJs trough headphones.

But from where is the name Silent Disco?

The term “silent disco” has been in existence since at least 2005 with Bonnaroo Music Festival advertising such an even that year with DJ’s Motion Potion,Quickie Mart and DJ medi4 and headphones
provided by KOSS.

Silent Disco Barcelona!

As you can see, this is going to be really favourite among people. And this idea came to Barcelona too. Silent Fucking Disco! The idea of organizers is, organize parties, everywhere and anytime, when you want. With headphones you can do after parties, pre-parties, normal party, and not depends if the party is in your flat, terrace, or at Bunkers in Barcelona during the day with amazing view!


Silent Disco Barcelona - People with headphones at Bunkers
Amazing view from Bunkers, and emotions from music. That was 1st April 2018

One of my best days in Barcelona.
Carmel – the Bunkers

I was play there once at  Bunkers, and it was amazing experience! So many emotions!

On this pic you can see how it was 1st of April

So many great people and the weather was amazing, and this view.. Many thanks to Silent Fucking Disco that I could be a part of that day.

Silent Fucking Disco

The concept Silent Fucking Disco is in the city. They are more then silent disco. Try to write to their FB Fan Page, if there is any “secret” party and who knows….try it and you will see 🙂 Here are the events, where you can find Silent Party in Barcelona
Also these DJs are really great like DJ ALUSH, FONKI or JOSH CALO.. A lot of funky tunes, Minimal, Techhouse and techno tunes!

During the summer season, there are a lot of Open Air events with silent disco in Barcelona, many beach and rooftop parties. Also in the Parc de la Ciutadella and Bunkers. During the winter, or when the weather is bad, disco is organized in bars, cafes or clubs. Check “EVENT” page for more info.

My personal opinion

Well…I love this concept. Definitely! If you have the right equipment, you can do the party whenever and in whatever place. When the headphones are in a good quality, the music and the loudness is quality as well. Yes, it is little weird when you put down the headphones from head and you see people dancing and everywhere is quite, but you can talk with your friends or someone else.

But you must know, that the people comes to enjoy the music, no for raving on 140dB of super loud 20kW sound system, when there the base drop, you have some problems with standing on your feet.

But another thing is, something still missing there. Maybe it is pressure from big speakers which you can feel. Headphones are still headphones. But definitely this is really great experience for sure!

And what about your opinion, or your experience? Leave a comment!