Underground Party in Barcelona

Where to go for Underground Party in Barcelona?

If you are in Barcelona, and if you saw everything, what you want, or what allowed time to you, or if you live here, you want to go “clean your head” somewhere, or sometimes. (we know what we are talking about right? )

You saw the Clubs like Pacha, Opium, Boulevard, Catwalk, Shôko… these are main clubs here in Barcelona, but they are not for you. Pacha and Opium sometimes has a Tech House party but is not often. That’s the reason why are you on this page.

These are great. Good. Best clubs here. But commercial. You want to find Club with underground mood. You have several options here. Actually.. you have a lot of options. But I can try to write about Best Options where to party in Barcelona in 2018. 

  • Important thing what you want to know. A lot of Events / Parties in these clubs are for free. IF you are on “Guest List” which you can find on Facebook Fun Pages of these clubs ,or if you want to wait for your turn in queue. But if you pay for a ticket, mostly is it no more than 15 – 20€.

City Hall Barcelona

This is the first in my head if you tell me words Techno and Party and Barcelona. Right in the centre of Barcelona, in Plaza Catalunya.

The events and the place here is not the biggest one in the city, but they are very popular with a solid music system (Martin Audio) and lighting. Club have a two rooms, but you want to go downstairs. Trust me.

Club is hosted by the best local DJs but sometimes the bigger names like Victor Ruiz. Events are here 3 – 5 times a week, and you get everything, what you expect from Techno / Deep house / Tech House / Electro house event. Security stuff is everywhere, so you can feel safety here.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cityhallbcnofficial/
Web:  http://www.cityhallbarcelona.com/
Address in Barcelona (Rambla de Catalunya 2 – 4, 08007, Barcelona)

City Hall Barcelona
Techno Club in a centre of Barcelona – City Hall Barcelona in Plaza Catalunya.


One of the temples of dance music industry in Barcelona, with Function-One Music system, makes your normal night to the night, you will not forget. Or forget 🙂

Massive Function Sound system, Incredible lights with the best crowd in the city (I heard this information somewhere). Here are playing the best and some famous names in the city and world.
For example Kölsch, Oxia, Adam Beyer, Dubfire, Dennis Ferrer and more..

Is a really huge club with a history. Great people, security stuff everywhere and ready to help in every situation, a lot of place for dancing. A lot of recommendations from people, on Facebook, everywhere. This must be on your list of Underground Music Experience in Barcelona.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inputhighfidelitydanceclub/
Web:  http://www.inputbcn.com/en/
Address in Barcelona (Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, 08038 Barcelona)

Input Club Montjuic
Best Underground tips in Barcelona – Input Montjuic.

R33 (DOME Club)

Right on the most popular streets in the world – La Rambla (Where you can get everything you want, or don’t want) is one small club – Dome club, a lot of people know it from previous name R33.

Small underground club, with the great sound system, lights, and professional international and local House, TechHouse and Techno DJs. You can feel like in home here. Small room, friendly and familiar atmosphere.

The sound system is perfect according to intimate space, so your experience from this space will be best what you can get from. A lot of Techno music played here, and a lot of recommendations from people, but I am not sure how many parties they have during the week (It was about 2 but really don’t know how many now). So stand up, and go there to check it!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/r33bcn/
Web: http://domeclubbarcelona.com/
Address in Barcelona (La Rambla, 33, 08002 Barcelona)

R33 Club Photo
Underground in Barcelona – R33 on Las Ramblas.


This is Techno and Respect. How they said. They will bring to you just Techno. Their concept is connectivity between you and music. This is one of the best underground experiences here in Barcelona.

No words, just something, what they write in their sites:
“With INSERT, techno finally found home in Barcelona.
NO VIP’s we are all equal.
NO PHOTOS to let yourself go.
ANY GOGOS you’re the dancer.
NO FASHION be yourself.
… open your mind and live INSERT.”
Must be there if you will be in Barcelona.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/insertclub/
Web:  http://insertclub.net/
Address in Barcelona (

Insert Club Barcelona
Underground scene in Barcelona – Insert club Barcelona.


Moog is the one of the Techno & Underground clubs here in Barcelona near Las Ramblas, with 16 years of history in the city. Really, really small club, but with great sound and choice of the best Techno & Electronic music in Barcelona. But be prepare.. is it really small, but it doesn’t mean, that is not good. If you haven’t been there, you must change it.
There is a lot of great local DJs, but any big names here. I heard somewhere, the club is open every day in a year. Hashtag – Moog Your Body.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoogBcn/
Address in Barcelona ( Carrer de l’Arc del Teatre, 3, 08002 Barcelona)

Moog - Your techno experience in Barcelona.
Moog Club – Near Las Ramblas, open in every day in a year.

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